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UCAS Extra 2019

Still trying to land a place on your dream course? We’re here to help.

If you missed the UCAS application deadline or failed to get the offer you'd been hoping for, you might still be able to secure a place at the University of Stirling before the Clearing process even begins by applying through UCAS Extra.

UCAS Extra is open until 30 June 2019.

  • What is UCAS Extra?

    If you've used all five of your choices, and aren’t holding any offers or have declined the offers you've received, UCAS Extra lets you apply for an additional course at the University of Stirling before the Clearing process begins.

    If you didn't use all five choices, you can add the University of Stirling in UCAS Track, as long as it's before 30 June and you've not accepted or declined your offers. If you originally only applied to one choice and want to add more, you'll be asked to pay an extra £11 application fee in Track.

  • How do I add Stirling as my Extra choice?

    UCAS Extra is available between 25 February and 30 June. If you’re eligible to use Extra, the option to 'Add an Extra choice' should show up automatically as a button in the 'Your choices' section of UCAS Track.

    To select the University of Stirling as your Extra choice, simply:

    1. Check out the courses we've still got available on our course finder.
    2. Contact us on +44 (0)1786 467044 or at if you have any questions.
    3. Sign in to UCAS Track.
    4. Find your preferred course using the UCAS search tool. The UCAS code for the University of Stirling is S75.
    5. Add the details of your new choice in UCAS Track.

    You can only apply to one Extra course at a time.

  • What happens next?

    If you're offered a place at the University of Stirling, just accept it on UCAS Track by the deadline shown. You'll then be committed to that course, so you can't apply to any more courses in Extra.

    If you change your mind and would rather apply for another course, you'll be free to do so but only if you decline your most recent offer or don't get a decision from your Extra choice within 21 days.

  • Didn't get the offer you wanted?

    Don't worry if you didn't secure a place on your preferred course at the University of Stirling through UCAS Extra. You may still be able to secure a place through UCAS Clearing in August.

'Stirling is the perfect location if you want to make the most of what central Scotland has to offer. It's a beautiful city and there's loads to get stuck into both on and off campus, from sport, music or the arts - there's something for everyone.'

Calum Murdoch (Scotland)
BSc (Hons) Management Science and Maths

'Stirling was a great choice for me. Not only is it in a spectacular setting - the social life, volunteering and career opportunities have helped me develop as a confident person, ready for the graduate market. I wish I could re-live it again.'

Simron Kandola (England)
BA (Hons) Human Resource Management and Law

'Studying at Stirling has been a defining time in my life. I now know the direction I want to take in my career in, I have made great friendships and have built a strong connection to Scotland.'

Papoula Petri Ramao (Germany)
BSc (Hons) Psychology

Questions about UCAS Extra?

Get in touch! Our team is always happy to help, and we can't wait to hear from you.

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