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International student tuition fees

Our tuition fees represent excellent value for money - giving you access to world-class teaching, supportive tutors and the facilities you need to achieve your potential. Also UK degrees are normally shorter and more intensive than in the US or Australia.

Below we give a guide on our international tuition fees. For specific course fees, please view our individual course pages.

Undergraduate study

The annual tuition fee for new students is as follows. Your UK university fees cover the cost of enrolment, the use of academic facilities, and all your exams.

Type of course2019-2020 
Classroom-based £12,450
Laboratory-based £14,820 

Postgraduate study

Postgraduate course tuition fees cover the cost of registration, supervision of research and study, the use of academic facilities, and all examinations. Our fees are categorised into various bands, which are assigned to each course. Some courses may require you to pay an additional fee for laboratory or field-based work.

A £14,300
B £15,950
C* £20,000
D £19,850

*Master of Business Administration (MBA) courses.

Fees may vary depending on your chosen course of study. See our individual course pages for further details.

Additional fees

There are a few circumstances where you may need to pay additional fees, for example if you need to repeat an assessment. See our Additional Fees page for more information.

Paying your fees

You can pay your tuition fees prior to, or upon enrolment. Details of full payment methods, including the option to pay in instalments, are available on our How to Pay page.

Contact us

If you have any queries please get in touch with our Student Support Services.

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